Thousand Faces-Prue’s Recap

This month, Thousand Faces camp took place on the weekend of the 17th, it was nothing short of being a magical and life changing experience for all the participants.

Throughout the weekend, all adults and kids who took part were incredibly adaptable and open to the experience. This meant they took away valuable life lessons that they can use in their ordinary worlds – giving themselves the credit they deserve and being more open and honest with themselves, and those around them.

Prue Steggall, Reece Group, came along on the experience. As a total empath, she fully immersed herself into the experience and walked away feeling incredibly inspired by the young people. “It’s probably the first time, in a long time, that I have been fully present” she said.

Prue shared a special connection with a few of the young people who taught her a thing or two about being kinder to ourselves and making sure we tell those around us how much we appreciate them.

Towards the end of the weekend Prue recorded the below message for us to share.