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We run workshops and camps in the Hunter Valley, Sydney and Melbourne.

We have heaps more workshops but these are the ones you can enrol in yourself.

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It’s not your typical ‘youth workshop’. It’s about pushing your comfort zones, meeting awesome people and chatting about your life - all while having heaps of fun.

It’s one of the crew’s favourite workshops to run. They’re passionate about creating a space where can talk about what’s going on for you. Workshops run in most school terms across Syd, Melbs and the Hunter.

  • WHO

    13-17 years
  • Duration

    a night a week over 4 weeks
  • When

    Every term
  • Where

    Hunter Valley, Sydney or Melbourne
  • Cost


Parent or Teacher? We’ve got heaps more workshops running! Click here


Hang with us a couple of nights away - it'll be sweet. It’s a chance to really shake things up and meet some awesome new people.

These two day, two night workshops are held in out-of-town locations in VIC and NSW. We have a few of these a year so you can choose which one (or two!) is right for you.

  • WHO

    13-17 years
  • Duration

    2 nights
  • Where

    VIC & NSW
  • Cost


Parent or Teacher? Click here

Get involved

Be part of the next generation of Reach crew

Every year, we seek awesome and passionate people between the ages of 14-20 to join crew in VIC and NSW. The crew are the legends designing and running our workshops.

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