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House of Welless

The transformative power of being uncomfortable

Harry Garside speaks with House of wellness about Reach’s Very Uncomfortable Challenge

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Lifestyle 1

Will’s legacy in action

Will Norman Foundation teaming up with Reach Foundation this week

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Triple M

Jack talks about the importance of Reach

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Bourne & Bred

Youth Mental Health, Self Acceptance & Growing POC up in Australia with THE REACH FOUNDATION

In this episode, facilitators Cam and Alishia sit down to talk about the work of Reach and how it was created from a desire to inspire every young person to believe in themselves and get the most out of life.

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The SE Voice

Reach starts a new journey

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He hugged me and said 'Hi mum, I love you'. The change was amazing

How a Reach workshop has been “transformative” for 14-year-old Dylan, who was an anxious and shy kid.

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3CR community radio - Brainwaves

Reach with Fergus Watts and life after AFL

Ferg joins the 3CR Brainwaves program to chat to host, Evan about The Reach Foundation and the work we do.

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I'm A Celebrity....Get Me Out Of Here!

Harry & Reach

Harry chatted all about Reach with all of his camp mates ✨

“If more young people could have Reach, I think the world would be an amazing place”

Check it out below, and don’t forget to vote for our friend Harry!

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Challenging and bettering yourself, with Harry Garside

We are stoked to have Harry Garside’s support as he names us as his chosen charity on I’m a Celebrity ✨

As a Reach alumni and professional boxer Harry joined the Keep It Clean Podcast to chat how he continues to challenging himself, pushing boundaries and how Reach helped him along the way.

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Fergus Watts and Reach Facilitator Josh joined the boys ahead of Round for Reach

The Run Home with Andy & Gazey

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Gus & Gawny

Episode 66 | Reach Foundation

with Fergus Watts and Jana Christodoulou

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SEN Breakfast

SEN Breakfast: Reach Foundation CEO Fergus Watts

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SEN Afternoons

Melbourne's Midfielder Alex Neal- Bullen on Dwayne's world

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Cranbourne News

Building Better Teens

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SRL and Reach partnership to support the growing communities of Botanic Ridge and Wollert


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The Courier

Teens become heroes as they take on the challenges of life

The Courier joins Reach at Heroes Day Ballarat!

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The You Project

Improvise, Adapt & Overcome - Fergus Watts

The Reach Foundation’s CEO, Fergus Watts joins one of Australia’s leading motivational speakers, Craig Harper on his podcast, The You Project. To hear Fergus chat more about his Reach journey, from teen participant to CEO, click the arrow below!

A Dose of Positive

Fergus Watts : The Episode EVERY PARENT Needs To Hear

Fergus Watts in conversation with A Dose of Positive host Byron Cooke.

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Human Cogs


Fergus Watts on Reach with Human Cogs hosts Sabrina Read and Madeleine Grummet.

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