The “Crew” (our facilitators) have undertaken years of intensive training in order to safely conduct Reach workshops and inspire other young people. Being young people themselves they are in a unique position to understand firsthand what is going on for the participants in our workshops and are best placed to guide them through the work Reach does.

Through the Leadership Development program, crew undertake a mix of personal development and skills specific training, which enables them to design and deliver content to help young people build skills and understanding of their own social and emotional wellbeing.

With an exciting partnership with Swinburne University, the crew are eligible to work towards certifications to formally recognise a range of sub-diploma qualifications (Cert III, IV and Skill Sets) which are mapped to our training program.

Our crew can undertake different volunteer or employment pathways at Reach, but in order to be accredited as a facilitator, they need to develop and demonstrate competencies in a range of areas, including:

  • Youth engagement
  • Group Work practices
  • Understanding individual needs
  • Models of questioning
  • Emotional safety
  • How to be an effective peer role model
  • Presenting
  • Professionalism and work readiness

Crew work alongside our team of wellbeing professionals (Psychologists and Social Workers) who provide specialised training in a range of child safety and wellbeing topics, for example, child abuse, mental health, development and trauma. Crew are also provided with support from the wellbeing team during the design and delivery of workshops, including collaborating on workshop content, providing supervision, interpersonal support and debriefing. This ensures the crew can provide workshops that are safe and effective.

Throughout their journey at Reach, crew receive ongoing leadership training, mentoring and support in role progression so that they can continue to fulfil their own potential, while they are supporting others fulfil theirs.