Midsumma Pride March!

This year we proudly marched in The Midsumma Pride March, staff member Kurt, who organised our participation, had a few reflections they’d like to share…

‘In February, Reach participated with Midsummer’s Pride March event, within the Midsumma Pride Festival. We marched alongside 400 groups, comprising over 17,000 people in St Kilda – it was an absolute inspiring day filled with many emotions.

I was 15 when I first attended Midsumma Pride Parade, and it was the first queer event I attended. I remember moments of joy and glitter, mixed with emotions of being excitingly overwhelmed. Upon reflecting in our involvement in the Midsummer Pride March, I realised I had become the person that 15 year old Kurt got excited about. A person who could be celebrated and resolute in their identity. It also made me think of the other young people in the crowd and how Reach may inspire them.

In that moment, I thought of a poignant aspect of why Reach participated, not only to acknowledge our amazingly diverse team and community spirit, but to inspire and celebrate the young people in the audience. It was a very surreal experience that will go down as a great personal, and professional highlight for me.

As queer people, we are built on community and collective shared experiences of people that have come before us, as we are standing on the shoulder-pads of giants. I hope to continue Reach’s involvement in the celebration of diversity and Inclusion in future. We will be back at Midsumma next year for sure! – bigger, better and more fabulous!’