BTS with Jet – Diversity Training

At Reach our FITs and FACs share many passions. We’re so lucky to have Jet – Jet recently ran an Inclusion and Diversity training for the entire org, we were in awe with their ability to communicate such complex concepts and share important knowledge and stats with their colleagues. We asked Jet about their experience delivering this workshop for the first time, their answers are below:

“Presenting my educational training on LGBTQIA+ inclusion for a Reach Foundation was a great experience and Reach is always such a kind and receptive audience. We looked at some key topics like language, lived experience and the current landscape for Queer young people in Australia. Sessions like this are so important to me because they spark crucial conversations around diversity and inclusion. And they remind people that changing the narratives and misconceptions that people may have around the Queer community can create long lasting positive changes in workplace culture.”