The Reach Impact – Jack

Make an impact with your donation this end of financial year

To give you a glimpse into the impact your donation can have, one of our Senior Facilitators, Jack took the time to share some of the beautiful feedback we recently received from a parent of a young participant.

“[After the Reach workshop] he had a smile from ear to ear. His shoulders were back and he looked relaxed. He came over to me and gave me this big hug and said, ‘Hi mum, I love you’,” Melbourne mother Ebony said.

“I could see that the world’s pressure had been lifted off him in that short period of 4 hours.”

To hear more of the incredible feedback click the video above.

To ensure that we can keep delivering our vital workshops to young people, like Ebony’s son, please donate to Reach this end of financial year.

Every mind matters, every dollar counts.

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