“Those camps made a difference”

These are words we hear often from past and present participants of Reach Camps. We talked to Nikita who last participated in a camp 5 years ago in 2018. She talked through how the Reach experiences she got helped her massively with her confidence, “I had a pretty bad low in 2020 but honestly, remembering all the things I worked on at those camps is what got me through it.”

Nikita has powered through life’s challenges with her Reach experience in mind, “Now 4 years later after attending those camps I’m about to be a single mum to 2 beautiful twin boys, I’m able to get out of bed everyday and go to work and do daily things but I wouldn’t have been able to do all this without Reach.” she said.

Receiving this feedback, we can see how incredibly impactful our work is. We are so proud of our participants, past and present, who continually show up for themselves and those around them on these camps and in their ordinary worlds.