New Crew Camp

New crew camp offers a unique experience for our newest crew members to immerse themselves in Reach content. Over the three days our crew learn about themselves, others in their cohort and build their own confidence.

Here us what New Crew member Holly had to say about the experience:

“New crew camp was definitely one of the most beautiful and life changing experiences that I’ve ever been through. I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity. I was able to connect with new people and expand within the group, building bonds and creating new memories but I was also able to grow and dig deeper with pre-existing relationships. The camp really made me realise how big and strong of a supportive community I have around me and that people really do have my back

That is the main thing that keeps bringing me back to Reach, the love, support and connection you get not just from the facilitators but all the other people around you. For myself to be able to give that to young people in the future is definitely the goal. “
– Holly

Our New Crew are the future of Reach and it is amazing to watch them grow and develop as future facilitators.