Mental Health Month- Reflections & Tips

As Mental health month comes to an end, the question of ‘what next?’ comes to mind, how can we continue ensure our mental well-being is ok? We have some tips and suggestions for you below!

First of all…What IS self care?

Self care can look like:
– Getting some sun
– Eating healthy
– Talking to a friend
– Going for a walk
– Taking moments to note your needs
– Practising gratitude
– Listening to music
– Taking the time to rest

Schedule in time for self-care
Consider it to be your most important meeting. You would be unlikely to cancel a meeting with your boss, so why cancel on yourself? Plan your self care at the beginning of each week or at the end of each day.

Have an accountability buddy
Tell someone that you’re implementing a self care routine and get them to check in with you to keep you accountable.

Catch up with a friend
Do a walk, journal, listen music, cook a meal that makes you feel good, dance, whatever it may be- do it with someone else! It adds to the fun and helps to keep you accountable.

If you skip a day, be kind to yourself. All you have to do is just start again the next day. Don’t delay it, don’t wait for the weekend or for Monday, start again as soon as you can!
Try something for about 60 days and take note of the impact each day or week – we’re much more likely to continue doing something if we can see the benefit.