“It was the best day I had at school”

Paige experienced a Reach workshop 20 years ago and messaged us to express how much that one workshop still impacts her. Here is what she had to say:

“When I was in school for the first three years, I was bullied every single day, really badly. I had glue thrown in my hair, was pushed, and body shamed relentlessly. Reach program came to my school, and it was the first day I was not bullied in high school. It was the best day I had at that school. I still remember the people who spoke and their stories.”

She shared this memory with us and even remembers the exact activity they did that made her feel seen and impacted her the most.

“There was this thing they did where they drew layers, and explained how every time someone says something nasty a layer goes up. It would have been 20 years ago but the impact that day made is enough for me to remember it so well today.”

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