Havoc is a free workshop based in Frankston for 13 – 17 year olds who’ve been labelled as “disengaged” or “at-risk”.

Maybe they’re struggling and need some direction. Maybe they’re taking risks and getting into trouble.

We know these young people are *not* what they’ve been labelled.

All it takes is for them to be seen and heard. To be understood. To feel a sense of belonging and self-worth. With that, it doesn’t take long to see a huge shift in their behaviour and outlook.

Objectives &


We’ve designed this program to achieve the following outcomes for young people:

  • Understand the underlying cause of their behaviour
  • Get a sense of the impact of their actions
  • Practice coping strategies
  • Increase emotional self-awareness
  • Challenge the labels that have been placed on them
  • Increase empathy for others


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