Havoc is a free two-part workshop for 13 – 17 year-olds in the Frankston area who are boundary pushers and risk takers; or those that have been labelled as “disengaged” or “at-risk”.

While every young person has inherent strengths, not every young person recognises these traits for themselves. Havoc allows participants to express themselves honestly, unfiltered, without judgement, creating meaningful connections with each other and positive role models. Havoc provides a safe space for participants to challenge stereotypes and to explore their relationship with boundaries and authority. The program empowers participants to understand their strengths and develop pathways to achieve their goals in a unique youth-led environment.

Objectives &


We’ve designed this program to achieve the following outcomes for young people:

  • Increased emotional self-awareness
  • Increase in meaningful connections with each other and their community
  • Practice positive coping strategies
  • Provide a safe space for young people to challenge stereotypes and labels placed on them
  • Increased understanding of the underlying causes of their behaviour
  • Exposure to positive role models

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