You’ll need a space that is private and free from distractions so you (and others in the workshop) feel comfortable that you can’t be overheard. This means:

  • You’re the only person in the room
  • You won’t be interrupted by other people in the house – chat about this with the people you live with before the workshop so they know not to walk in


Try to limit noises that could be distracting to you (and others in the workshop):

  • Put your phone on silent (but keep it close by in case your teacher needs to call you!)
  • Close or move away from windows if it’s noisy outside
  • Chat to people you live with about needing a quiet space so the TV isn’t really loud/people aren’t talking loudly in other rooms/near your space
  • Wear headphones (if you have them) to block out any distracting noises you can’t control


Because we aren’t in the room with you it’s more difficult for the Reach crew to tell how you are feeling and reacting to things, so we really need to be able to your face! Make sure your face is clearly visible during the workshop by:

  • Keeping your lighting consistent throughout the workshop – trying placing lights around the room or next to your screen
  • Not having light sources (even windows) directly behind you – it can make your face shadowed/hard to see.
  • Sitting close enough to the screen for us to see your full face and shoulders – it’s best to have your camera at eye level
  • Set up the device you’re using so it will stay in the best position and you don’t have to hold it the entire time


Running programs/apps at the same time as a video call can slow down your connection, which impacts your video quality and can even lead to the connection dropping out. Keep your connection as stable as possible by:

  • Closing any programs you don’t need on the device you’re logging in from
  • Chatting to the other people in the house to see if the number of people using streaming services (e.g. Netflix, Stan, Disney+) can be minimised during the workshop.


Set up your space on the day of the workshop and check:

  • Your camera and microphone are working
  • Your device (phone/ipad/laptop) is fully charged
  • You have a comfortable place to sit with some water nearby in case you get thirsty