Thanks for attending our session!
In our session we spoke about the masks we wear in life, as well as what might be behind it.
Below are some examples of the masks you might recognise within yourself, as well as what that mask might be protecting you from.


• Over confidence
• Perfectionism
• ‘The Joker’
• Silent Observer
• Aggressive/Tough
• ‘I don’t know’
• Self-deprecator
• People Pleaser


• Being Serious
• Getting Cut Down by Others
• Being Left Out
• Failing/Making Mistakes
• Being Made Fun Of
• Getting Hurt
• Not Being Good Enough
• A Fear of Judgement

In order to connect with our inner child (i.e. our more authentic selves) we need to think about where we might want to practice taking these masks down.

What mask would you like to try and remove?
How will you do this?

For example, if your mask is ‘over confidence’, you might ask for help more regularly. If it’s the ‘silent observer’, maybe you’ll try and speak up in meetings or group discussions

Those who attended the session hopefully will have seen the power of being vulnerable.
If you are ever in doubt about whether removing your mask, accessing that inner child, or being vulnerable is the right thing then we recommend coming back to this talk delivered by Brene Brown.