What does Reach do exactly?

We deliver personal development workshops for young people.

We connect with a young person, uncover what’s holding them back, and equip them with the tools to set goals, deal with conflict and stand up for themselves. Essentially, we give them the skills to navigate life’s challenges.

We do this for 40,000 young Australians every single year. Creating generations of confident, self-aware, passionate young people shaping the world to be a better place.


What does this have to do with me? 

This is where you come in. You’ve been ID’d as someone who could be really good at this. We don’t believe someone who’s like, 35 can connect with young people in the way another young person can, so we turn young people with leadership potential into master presenters who don’t just speak in front of groups, but create and carry meaningful conversations with them.

Young people are growing up in a really complex world, and the more they can develop their emotional intelligence and resilience, the better off they’ll be. We’ve been doing this in schools, at Reach, in workplaces, sports clubs etc. for 25 years now.


What is the Program?

The Crew Development Program is an opportunity for you come together with like-minded people to become masters in presenting, accessing vulnerability, facilitating groups and leading authentically.

It will develop you personally too. You’ll be held accountable by those around you to uncover your true goals and achieve them. All the training is run by other young people who have been on the journey already.


And it’s free?



What are the training commitments?

For 2019, the training commitments would include the Leadership Day being held on October 8th from 6 – 9pm in the Redfern area (location to be confirmed and communicated to you closer to the date).

If you are successful and progress to the next step, there will be a Training course every Wednesday night from 5:00-9:00pm, for 5 weeks.
Week 1- 16th October, Week 2- 23rd October, Week 3- 30th October, Week 4- 6th November, Week 5- 13th November.


Who’s done this before? 

1000s of young people have been developed by Reach and have gone on to achieve great things. Some examples are

  • Kirk Docker (the creator of “You Can’t Ask That” on the ABC)
  • Harry Garside (Gold Medalist Boxer)
  • Marty Smiley (Former Channel V presenter, now producer and reporter on SBS Viceland)
  • Mika Tran (a Director & Producer’s Assistant on TV dramas such as One Perfect Day & Charlotte’s Web)
  • Trisha Silvers (2006 Young Australian of the Year)
  • Jules Lund (TV presenter, has hosted Getaway, the Logies & hosts the Fifi & Jules Radio show)
  • Sarah McClardy (analyst at the United Nations)
  • Glen Christie (superstar director of shows like Masterchef and MAFS) 
  • Elise Klein (Professor at Melbourne University in International Development)
  • Sam Cavanagh (Lead producer of the Hamish & Andy radio show)

Heaps of Reach Crew go onto work in top corporate organisations by using the network they form within Reach (we have a lot of corporate partners who are also keen to develop young people). Others connect with creatives & go-getters through Reach and pursue careers in music, sport, acting, film, etc.

Our two founders have impressive resumes as well. Paul Currie is a successful director and producer who has worked on films such as One Perfect Day & Hacksaw Ridge. The other half is the late Jim Stynes, who was a Melbourne demons AFL player, won a Brownlow medal and holds the record for the most consecutive games played (244). Both masters of their craft.


How does this help me in my career? 

Reach combines the best of personal and professional development – allowing you to focus on your internal beliefs and drive, and explore what motivates you/makes you who you are, whilst providing you with tangible professional skills. Reach can help with public speaking, creating content, understanding how to gain and hold the attention of the group, and will help bolster your confidence to be able to talk to anyone. Alongside all this development, you will be surrounded by people who are motivated to be the best version of themselves and can capitalise on Reach’s corporate and professional networks.


How soon could I be leading Reach work?

Depending on your trajectory and how keen you are to learn, work hard and attend training, you could start leading Reach work by early 2020. We’re designing it so you’ll be ready by June 2020 at the latest – so paid work could be just around the corner! We have the opportunities, it just depends how invested you are!


What can a day in the life of a Crew member look like?

The best thing about being a Crew member is how diverse, unique and interesting each day can be!

Sometimes you might be out at a school conducting a workshop, another day you might be helping run a massive workshop for 500 Year 9s, another day you might be at a board meeting with the Reach Leadership Team or meeting with our fancy corporate partners!

There is so much diversity and opportunity within Reach, you can carve your own path to compliment the life you are already living . Reach exists to work alongside what you are already striving to do.


What happens after the training program? 

After the 5-week program, there are multiple pathways you can take within Reach. You can become a Facilitator-in-Training which is when you stop being a volunteer and begin undertaking paid work. There is more responsibility as you start progressing throughout the Reach development program, with some people aiming to become a Facilitator, who are essentially the leaders of the organisation focusing on program & Crew training and giving back to the younger generations. You can become involved in our social enterprise work, school workshop space, delivering keynotes and connecting with your local communities to deliver community workshops.


Why would I want to be Crew?

Being crew is an incredibly unique experience that will provide you with life-long connections, friendships, workmates and skills that follow you into whatever career you choose to do. It is an organisation that prides itself on helping young individuals find who they are, what they’re passionate about and help them get there. It’s some of the best personal development you can ever do and you’ll be a part of something bigger than yourself.


Commitment of 2 years? What?? I don’t know what I’m doing next month!

This isn’t a full-time job. Work is flexible and designed to complement your existing life. You will get the most out of Reach by being around for a minimum of 2 years to maximise all the benefits and skills you can acquire!