HERE is a free workshop for 12-17 year olds who identify as LGBTIQ+ who want to learn more about themselves and connect with their community.

The workshop is 2 days over 2 Saturdays.

Did we mention it’s free?? 

This is your chance to explore what it means to be a part of this community. To be accepted. To be included. To be more comfortable with who you are.

Email workshops@reach.org.au to book in!

Meet the Facilitators

Bec, Jordern & Blossom

Along with Jordern & Blossom, Bec will be guiding and facilitating the 2 workshops.

“There’s a whole different set of challenges young people have to go through. Adding questions around sexuality makes it that much tougher.

I helped create this workshop because it’s something I would’ve loved to have when I was going through those times.

Not only to feel more confident in myself, but also to meet other people like me who are going through the same stuff.”


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