Boundary pusher, risk-taker, adrenaline junky and leader?

Grounded consists of two workshops throughout the school term and one weekend away. The whole series is at no cost to you (thanks AFL!) and is a great opportunity to hang out with like-minded people. Designed and delivered by the Reach Crew, it’s one of their fave workshops to run.


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A Grounded Experience

Jana's Story

My first Reach experience was with Grounded. The way I’d explain it is it’s for young people who don’t quite fit the standards or expectations that school places on them. They think differently, the perceive things differently – I guess it’s just about getting a bunch of people together who have been placed in a box and told they’re disengaged, or told they’re not good enough for school and that they’re not going to do well. To this day, Grounded shows them differently, just like it showed me. I now work as a Facilitator at Reach, running programs in schools and the community.


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