Fused is not your typical 'youth' workshop

It’s about pushing comfort zones, meeting awesome people and chatting about life – all while having heaps of fun. It’s one of the crew’s favourite workshops to run. They’re passionate about creating a space to talk openly and honestly about what’s going on.

Impact story

Tillie's Story

At around 14 I started coming to Reach just out of interest. I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but looking back on it I think I was looking for something more than just my simple private school, silver platter life. I was pretty lucky in my first few years at Reach, but then when I was about 16 my parents really started to struggle and their marriage broke up. I also developed depression and anxiety. It was a really tough patch for me, but because I’d been coming to Reach, I’d already started to develop my self-awareness, resilience and self-belief. In retrospect, Reach had given me a really good understanding of my emotions and the space to be vulnerable, which meant that I had the support to make it through that stage of my life.


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